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Julie On

July 21, 2007

Julie now has MySpace page at

Four songs from Julie's country music CD, "When We Dance" have been posted. If you are a MySpace member, put in a friend request, and post a comment!

The Julie Parrish Scholarship Fund

May 24, 2004

The Julie Parrish Memorial Scholarship Fund is now closed. There were not enough donations to extend it beyond this year. But, a scholarship has been awarded this year.

The scholarship was awarded to Gary Palmer. He is a 2004 graduate of Tecumseh High School, in Tecumseh, Michigan. Julie was a 1958 graduate of Tecumseh High.

Gary will be attending Siena Heights College, in Adrian, MI. He excels at singing, dancing, and acting, and hopes to pursue this in college. Gary is a worthy choice to receive this scholarship in memory of Julie!

Julie's good friend, in her home town, Ollie Koons, was the driving force behind this scholarship. She says she thinks Julie would approve of the fact that Gary was chosen by Tecumseh High. Ollie says: "I think she would smile and say the school did a good job".

As many of you may know by this time, Julie Parrish passed away on October 1st, 2003. The memorial service for Julie was on Saturday, October 25, at 12:00 P.M., at the Christian Institute, 1308 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA., 90401.

A long time friend of Julie said about Saturday's memorial service: "We had a very lovely, sad, and fitting tribute to Julie today."

There was also a memorial in Julie's hometown, on November 8th, 2003, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the Masonic Temple, 700 Bishop Reed Drive, Tecumseh, Michigan.

Julie's niece Dana has created a wonderful and humorous, warm and loving tribute for Julie. You can visit Dana's site by clicking here.

BUY A SIGNED PHOTO of Julie and help a Cancer Charity

The Elvisly Yours website in England has 16 signed photos left for auction, with 100% of the proceeds going to a cancer charity. Please visit

Please note that there is a new post office box address for all correspondence concerning Julie:

Julie Parrish
PO Box 1702
La Mirada, CA 90637

Obituary of Julie Parrish

Contact: brother and executor, Jim Wilbar:


Julie Parrish, star of the 1967 CBS sitcom, 'Good Morning World' has died at the age of 62. Ms. Parrish, portrayed Linda on the show, which also featured the comedic talents of Billy De Wolfe, Joby Baker, Ronnie Schell, and Goldie Hawn. She was a frequent guest star on programs such as 'Star Trek', 'Bonanza', 'My Three Sons', 'Family Affair', and 'Beverly Hills 90210'; with lead roles on television soap operas, including Betty Anderson Harrington on 'Return to Peyton Place' and Maggie Brady on 'Capitol'.

She starred in several films, including 'Paradise Hawaiian Style', with Elvis Presley. In one of the most delightful moments of the film, Elvis sings to her in a helicopter, while she holds a group of dogs at bay. In 'Fireball 500', she starred with Frankie Avalon, as the sophisticated Martha Brian.

Ms. Parrish's theatre credits include 'Absence of a Cello', with Hans Conreid and Bill Christopher, and 'Memo', with MacDonald Carey and Alan Alda. In Los Angeles, she received an L.A. Drama Critics Award for her portrayal of Maggie in Arthur Miller's 'After the Fall'. She was also an accomplished writer and contributed essays, articles, and book reviews to many publications. Her writing credits include an episode of 'Laverne and Shirley'. She enjoyed singing, and often performed at shows and cabarets. She recorded a CD of country music entitled, "When We Dance".

While in her late 40's, she began undergraduate studies. She earned a degree in Chemical Dependencies Counseling, and was awarded the Chancellor's distinguished Honor Award, at Los Angeles Mission College, in Sylmar CA. She served as a member of the Board of Directors of the L.A. Commission on Assaults Against Women, and worked as a counselor at Haven Hills Shelter for Battered Women. She spoke to audiences about domestic violence, and visited schools to discuss dating violence.

She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1993, but after surgery and chemotherapy continued to work. In 1996 she began a recurring role on 'Beverly Hills 90210'. She portrayed Joan Diamond, the wife of series regular character Nat Bussichio, played by Joe E. Tatta. She experienced a relapse of cancer, a second surgery, and another course of chemotherapy in 1999.

She was born Ruby Joyce Wilbar, on October 21, 1940 in Middlesboro, KY, to William Robert and Gladys Marie (Webb) Wilbar. At the age of 11, her family moved from Lake City, TN to Tecumseh, MI, where she graduated from high school. She attended modeling school in Toledo, OH, where she became active in theatre. Her film career began when she was chosen by Jerry Lewis as the winner of a national modeling contest, and was awarded a small part in the film, 'It's Only Money', receiving her first film credit as "Joyce Wilbar". She next appeared in 'The Nutty Professor', billed as Julie Parrish. Her death, of natural causes, occurred on Wednesday evening, October 1, 2003, at the ER of the Tarzana Community Hospital in Tarzana, CA.

She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Melvin (Barbara) Scheffler of Clinton, MI, and Liza Phairow of Ashland, OR; and two brothers, Robert Wilbar of Tecumseh, MI, and James Wilbar of La Mirada, CA. One sister, Janice Machan preceded her in death, as did her parents. The family asks, in lieu of flowers, that donations be given to the cause of aiding battered women and their children. For more information visit

A Window Between Worlds

This group brings art workshops as a healing tool to survivors in domestic violence shelters. Julie personally supported this group in several ways. Julie served as an art leader with the program. She even dedicated the proceeds from her performance in "The Vagina Monologues" to this group.

Mission statement: A Window Between Worlds is a non-profit organization dedicated to using art to help end domestic violence. Through creative expression, battered women and children recover a sense of renewal and power. Their images of hope, survival, and strength educate the public and become "a window between worlds" for survivors taking steps to change their lives.

Here is their information:

A Window Between Worlds
Art Against Domestic Violence
710 4th Ave #5, Venice, CA 90291
(310) 396-0317

Excerpt from the book
"Swingin' Chicks of the '60's"
by Chris Strodder

Young and lovely, slim and graceful, Julie Parrish got her start as a model, jumped to a couple of early-'60s Jerry Lewis movies, then landed key roles in some mid-'60s teen flix, including Elvis's "Paradise, Hawaiian Style".

WORKIN' IT: While not a major star, Julie was certainly a durable one, appearing in a wide variety of popular '60s projects. All she lacked was the one boffo award-winning movie on her list of credits to push her over the top to superstardom.

Modeling dominated her pre-'60s work, though Julie herself has said that she decided it was "an actor's life for me" after her first school play at age six. As a teen living in Tecumseh, Michigan in the '50s, she won the Miss Cinerama beauty contest, then enrolled in modeling school in Toledo, Ohio, where she won the "Young Model of the Year" contest at age 21. First prize was a small role in Jerry Lewis's "It's Only Money" in '62.

She graduated to a classroom role in Jerry's "The Nutty Professor" ('63), and her screen career was on its way. In addition to starring in the teeny-boppin' "Winter a-Go-Go" ('65), "Fireball 500" ('66), and Paradise, Hawaiian Style ('66). She was busy all decade with roles in dozens of TV shows, including "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis," "My Three Sons," "Gunsmoke," "Burke's Law," "The Smothers Brothers Show," "Ben Casey," "Gidget," "The F.B.I.," >"Bonanza," "Star Trek" (the popular "Menagerie" episodes), "Death Valley Days," and "Family Affair." She starred in the underrated TV series "Good Morning, World" which came and went in '67.

Julie also made many appearances on TV talk shows, on game shows including "The Dating Game," and in numerous late-'60s commercials for everything from Sterling Beer to National Airlines to Ajax detergent.

During this time she also began a career in live theatre that continued into the late '80s, and for six years she worked on and off with a comedy improv group. In the '70s, '80s, and '90s she appeared in dozens of movies, TV movies, TV shows, and commercials.

Her major movies included "The Doberman Gang" in '72 and "The Devil and Max Devlin" in '80; among her prominent TV appearances were roles as one of the major leads on the NBC series "Return to Peyton Place" in the early '70s, a stint as a principal player on the CBS series "Capitol" in the '80s, plus the Joan Diamond role on "Beverly Hills 90210" in the '90s.

What's more, in the '90s she released a collection of country-flavored songs called "When We Dance", and she flashed her writing skills with many published essays, articles, and book reviews. Somebody please notify us if they find something Julie Parrish can't do well.

HER '60s LOOK: A dark-haired beauty who only seemed to get more attractive as she got older, Julie's always radiated intelligence, no matter the role. In her Elvis movie she looked positively brilliant compared to the King, who blithely sang the dim-witted "A Dog's Life" to her while she struggled gamely with recalcitrant pooches. That movie put her in several fetching ensembles, including swell bare-midriff blues and wonderful wahini reds. Unlike so many other curvy actresses of the mid-'60s who looked like they might balloon up any second, Julie always looked fit and healthy, like someone who took care of herself and laid off the Pop-Tarts.

BEHIND THE SCENES: She was scandal-free during the '60s, which is a relief because we like to think of sweet Elvis Girls as really being just that sweet. Late in the decade she was involved with James Caan, who later hit it big with "The Godfather", then Julie was the steady girlfriend of comedian Albert Brooks for two years. The saddest part of her story is what happened in the '70s, when Julie became involved in a verbally-abusive relationship, but even that has something of a positive ending, because later she was elected to the Board of Directors of the L.A. Commission on Assaults Against Women, and she even worked on their hotline.

Throughout the'90s she frequently worked as a counselor at Haven Hills Shelter for Battered Women, and she still speaks to audiences about domestic violence, also visiting schools to discuss dating violence.

BONUS SWINGABILITY: She uses a fake moniker--her real name is Ruby Joyce Wilbar, and in fact she's billed as Joyce Wilbar in It's Only Money ... her exotic birthplace -- Middlesboro, Kentucky, but she spent her childhood in Lake City, Tennessee; her family moved to Tecumseh, Michigan, when she was eleven, until she moved to Toledo, Ohio at 21, before she started modeling in the late '50s.

Julie had a paper route, worked as a phone operator, and as a typist, in fact, as an actress she later won a typing contest for charity, competing against other actresses who played secretaries on different TV shows ... also in the cast of her series "Good Morning World" was Goldie Hawn, a young unknown who was soon to make a splash on "Laugh-In" ...

Julie's first live performance as a singer came at a packed L.A. Forum--she sang the national anthem before a Lakers game in the early '70s ... talented and hard-working, Julie is also a classic survivor who has battled illness through the '90s, undergoing constant treatments as she's overcome cancer ... she declares herself to be a vegan vegetarian and a meditator, and she says she leans strongly toward the Buddhist philosophy and way of life ...

Julie has her own official Web Site-


October 21, 1940--Julie Parrish is born

March 16, 1961--Julie makes her TV debut on "The Untouchables"

June 4, 1963--"The Nutty Professor" is released

June 8, 1966--"Paradise, Hawaiian Style " is released

September 5, 1967--"Good Morning World" debuts

Sepember 17, 1968--"Good Morning World" concludes its one-season run in primetime

© 2000 Chris Strodder, from the book Swingin' Chicks of the '60s.

Reprinted by permission from Cedco Publishing Company.

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